Landing Pages and Microsites


Are you wondering what makes a microsite different from a website? A website is your company’s public face – it offers comprehensive information on all of your services, products and solutions. It has multiple pages with detailed content that make it easier for users to find the answers they’re looking for. Think of it as an ever-present gateway that connects customers across all channels.

On the other hand, a microsite acts like a special content hub – separate from your brand URL and main website. While its address can be tied to the same domain or even subdirectory, its purpose is to launch new campaigns or promote specific initiatives in order to reach a broader audience or raise awareness about particular topics quickly and effectively!

Landing Pages

With a Landing page you can welcome your visitors to a single webpage that has been designed with their end goal in mind. Keep their attention focused on the one, specific action you want them to take: whether it’s subscribing to your email list or making a purchase. You don’t need an entire website for this – just create a landing page to drive them closer to their goal.

Digital Contact Pages

Another option to consider is a Digital Contact Page, where you can share your contact information by using a QR code.  For more information please complete and submit the enquiry form below.  View an example of a digital contact page here.

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