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Website costs vary greatly depending on your needs and expectations. You’ll need to consider the hosting location, size of the website and who will be maintaining it.  Additionally, factors like budget and security should also be taken into account. Ultimately, much like building a house, the cost of building a website depends on your specific requirements. We offer a selection of website design packages and maintenance packages starting at various price points.

Well, we do quite a bit!  Our projects have included everything from ground up website builds, site redesigns, digital business cards, website security & maintenance, branding, logo design, SEO and more.  Web design includes website development, responsive design, SEO, website security and expertise in WordPress and content management.  For more details on how we help our clients, check out our services or contact us.

For web design, pending clear communication and all information provided at the start of the project, We try to get the homepage and a few sub pages ready for review within 15-30 days.  Once the design and layout is approved, then we move forward with the rest of the site.  The majority of our website design projects last between 30-90 days.

Web design projects start with your online goals.  We listen intently to your needs and questions then develop a vision as to how your website will look, how it will engage your clientele and more importantly, how it will represent you well.  If it’s your first time working with a developer to build your website, no worries, our goal is to make the process personalised and uncomplicated to give you the best design experience possible.

At an additional cost we can assist in producing the content you require, be it from scratch or to simply proof and refine.  For more information go to Producing Website Content – Website Copy and Images.

We can integrate most Social Networks links into your website, for example, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

If you need help with creating business Social Network accounts or simply want to know more about this topic please go to this guide which will show you how your business can use social media to make connections and gain a commercial advantage: Using Social Media Guide

Our services are catered to our clients needs, timeframes and functionality.  Every project is different so we normally handle projects at a fixed rate.  With that said, we do have an hourly rate which is discounted if you subscribe to one of our website maintenance packages in which a limited amount of time per month is included for you to use for basic website updates.

Learn more about my hourly rates.

Most projects are handled with an investment of 50% up front and 50% upon completion.  Payment must be made in full before projects are published to web. For projects on a larger scale, we offer payment options in a 30%, 30%, 40% time sensitive agreement. Bank Transfer is preferable, but cheques, Visa, Mastercard and Paypal are also accepted.

It really depends on where your website is hosted and how it was built.  We work exclusively on WordPress websites created using Elementor.  Contact us for more information.

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